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Guidance On Elegant Womens Lingerie Solutions

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Owner Tina Eth displays some of the bustiers that are popular at Sexy Creations in Brooksville. They double as outerwear with a gauzy blouse worn underneath, she says. "It gets really busy (during February)," owner Tina Eth said, noting that many shoppers are in search of fanciful nightwear, sheer and sexy hosiery and lacy undergarments that they won't find elsewhere locally. And leading into Valentine's Day, the store is offering 25 percent off lingerie. "I think you have to go into a store like this to find something sexy," Eth said, adding that, even in department stores, intimate apparel runs to the casual and everyday varieties. Gesturing to her selection of silky and satiny wear, Eth noted, "These are for the special night, an anniversary night, when you want to spice it up a little. This is sexy." Customers range from college age to their 80s. They're equally divided among men and women. Men buy for their girlfriends and wives. Women also shop for the men in their lives in a small line of menswear satin lounge pants, for instance. The women's sleepwear collection features baby doll shorty gowns and snugger chemises, in feel-good glossy to gossamer and sequined fabrics enhanced with trims that are lacy, beribboned, sparkly or frothy. For naughty-and-nice, there's a three-piece whimsical-in-red devil ensemble with skimpy top; an ankle-length, slit-seamed skirt, and a long, forked tail.

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